ezHinduism series: Pradosham

Our ezHinduism series for 2019 was kick-started with a session on Pradosham on 28th of February 2019.

‘ezHinduism is an initiative by Hindu Centre to deliver topics of interest in a simplified format, scheduled to be held on the last Thursday of the month. In February, our volunteer teacher Susantharan conducted the session for an audience of around 30.

Pradosham is a daily occurrence from about 1.5 hours before Sunset to about 1 hour after Sunset. However, the significant Pradosham day is a bi-monthly occurrence (on the thirteenth day of both the waning and waxing lunar month cycle). It is celebrated with special abhishekas and pujas for Lord Shiva and Sri Nandhikeswarar in temples. It is also significant for the worship of Lord Narasimha, for this Avatara of Vishnu took place during the Pradosham period to kill the demon Hiranyakashyapa. Prayers offered at this time help to neutralise papa (demerits) and accumulate punya (merit).

During the ezHinduism session, the audience got to learn about the significance of Pradosham, the Puranic stories which extol Pradosham and their deeper meanings, the different kinds of Pradoshams and about practices observed on Pradosham day. In order to enthuse people to explore Pradosham prayers in different Singapore Temples, Susantharan shared a glimpse of special pujas done in certain temples for Pradosham. The participants also got to know about Hindu concepts such as Karma, Purusharthas, Vrata, Shastra, different forms God is worshipped in Hinduism. They also learnt a simple prayer on Lord Shiva.

Thank you Susantharan for the sharing.


Feb 28 2019


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm




Hindu Centre (Singapore)
132 Owen Road, Singapore 218935

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