Be a Member

Hindu Centre Membership

The President of Hindu Centre invites you, if not already one, to become a member of Hindu Centre to support its activities, join its committees and provide leadership in the future. Annual membership is $60 per year, or $10 per month by GIRO deduction, and Life Membership is $1000 in a single payment.

What are the benefits of membership one may ask, since almost all the activities are free for everyone? It is not what one gains by being a member, but what one can do as one. Becoming a member demonstrates that you believe our mission and vision is worth supporting – of creating a deeper understanding of our Sanatana Dharma (Jnana), of showing devotion to Ishwara and celebrating our religious events (Bhakti) and of helping others (Seva). It means that you can step into leadership positions of the Centre and help guide it into the future.

If you wish to become a member, you can sign-up for our membership by contacting us and we will send you the necessary details.