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“Every Little Bit Counts”

Hindu Centre Singapore is dedicated to the spiritual progress of Singapore Hindus through the three pillars of Jnana (Knowledge), Bhakti (Devotion) and Seva (Service). We are a non-profit society run entirely by volunteers. HC depends on the goodwill of generous donors and supporters who believe in our work and mission.

Among our many activities are Balagurukulam (Sunday classes for children), Mitra (Hindu counselling for those in prison), Bandhu (elder-care projects), Bhakti (religious functions including mass chanting), Vedic Yoga, basic courses on Hinduism, advanced courses on scriptures, monthly talks, satsangs by visiting renowned spiritual teachers, and inter-faith activities.

Your generous donations will help us to do more and expand our reach to a broader audience. If you have benefited from our sessions, we invite you to make either a one-time donation or small monthly contributions through the secure form below. Thank you!

If you would like to support our wide range of activities through other means, do feel free to drop us an email (