SFH PROMO: Hinduism 108 booklet- 108 Questions & Answers!

Hindu Centre is proud to publish “Hinduism 108”, a very useful and easy-to-read book of Q&A on Sanatana Dharma.
In 125 pages, it contains answers to questions on Hindu philosophy, rituals, bhakti, temple and home practices and so on.
An excellent gift or reference book!
The first edition was sold-out upon its launch! The 2nd edition is now available for sale.
SFH PROMO: You can purchase this book for just $10/- (including local mailing).
To make a purchase, do kindly fill the form below and transfer the cash by PayNow! to UEN No: S78SS0017J (do note the PayNow! reference number provided to you when you make the transfer).



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