ezHinduism series: Dakshinamurthi – The Guru of Gurus!

On August, we had an ezHinduism sharing titled: “Dakshinamurthi: Guru of Gurus”.

A guru helps a person dispel his/her ignorance and the Skanda Purana states that there are seven different types of gurus who help and guide a person to achieve his/her life goals (arthakama, dharma and moksha). With a better understanding of who is a true guru, the sharing transited to the “Parama Guru”, Lord Dakshinamurthi.

The audience learnt about the LordHis puranic storiesHis forms and their deeper meanings. The session covered the importance of having an equanimous mind and how Lord Dakshinamurthi, through His silence and form, teaches how we can attain such a mind.

In order to enthuse people to experience prayers done for Lord Dakshinamurthi, we also shared a glimpse of the special pujas done in certain local temples.

The session ended with the teaching of a simple Dakshinamurthi shloka and a relaxing meditation session on the Lord.
We thank Hindu Centre teacher Susantharan who conducted the class and the 25 attendees. 


Aug 29 2019


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm




Hindu Centre (Singapore)
132 Owen Road, Singapore 218935

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