ezHinduism: Bhakti and Advaita Vedanta

*Bhakti (Devotion) & Advaita Vedanta*. Get to know what these terms mean, how to inculcate the relevant teachings and how they can help you *achieve prolonged satisfaction and happiness in your day-to-day life!*

The sharing will also cover about the tension between knowledge and devotion. Adi Shankara’s vehement position has been that freedom from cycle of birth (moksha) is possible only through metaphysical knowledge of the oneness of the individual self with the ultimate reality, Brahman. Where does that leave the multitude of bhaktas who are unable to grasp or embark on the path of knowledge? How do we then explain the numerous devotional saints of India attaining God-realization without resorting to this knowledge  ?

The *ezHinduism sharing* on Bhakti & Advaita Vedanta on *23rd Jan, 7.30pm at the centre* discusses these issues and more.


Jan 23 2020


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm




Hindu Centre (Singapore)
132 Owen Road, Singapore 218935

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