ezHinduism series: Any Plans for Your Next Life?

Another ezHinduism talk presented a refreshing topic, “Any plans for your next life?” Saravanan Sinaya highlighted the concept of rebirth originating from Hindu texts through Greek philosophy to current day modern research.
The topic centered around how one could prepare oneself for a better next life, since our scriptures do speak about it. The presentation had three core areas.
  1. Increasing positivism in life through performance of punya karmas such as charity, pilgrimages & Nitya Karmas (daily duties) etc.
  2. Reducing the effects of papa karma through powerful prayaschitta karmas such as the Chandarayana vrata, mantra japa etc.
  3. Achieving freedom from our everyday struggles such as anger, inability to forgive, removing attachments, dealing with bad memories etc, through Inner transformation.
The session ended with the takeaway that, preparing for our next life is all about how we can live our current lives well, through aligning ourselves with dharma & understanding our inner issues and dealing with them.
The message really was. “Your next life, is all about what you do today”


Jul 25 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm




Hindu Centre (Singapore)
132 Owen Road, Singapore 218935

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